Online Affiliate Programs

To never have to deal with a single costumer, online affiliate programs are the way to make some very good money on the internet. For those of you who don’t know how being an affiliate works, it really isn’t that complicated. By being an affiliate, you are becoming a middle man.

You will advertise a product or service that a company offers, and if a customer uses your link to go and buy the product, then the company will pay you a commission. The amazingly great thing is that these commissions are usually EXTREMELY high! Usually the company will pay you around 50 to even 90 percent of what the costumer paid for the product!

Sounds simple enough right? You ready to go and make money with affiliate programs? Well, we still haven’t gotten to the tricky part of online affiliate programs. Where the work comes in is getting people to see your link that directs them to the company you are advertising for, getting them to click on it, and then having that person buy the product.

There are many ways to deal with that first issue, which is to get people to find where your affiliate link is. Some of the most popular methods include putting your affiliate link in a website you made, your blog, or articles you’ve written. The key to any of these methods is to write content specific to the products you are selling. For example, if you are being an affiliate for teeth whiteners, it doesn’t make sense to write about car engines. Starting a website is the most work, but also has the highest payout potential. While writing a blog or articles is easier, but you probably won’t make as much money.

The next two problems, getting the person to click on your link and to buy your products, are both dealt with in a similar manner. The key is to pre-sell the product. Before the person ever even goes to the company’s website, make them WANT to buy the product! Don’t be bashful, the secret for online affiliate programs is to say how amazing the product you are being an affiliate for is! However, at the same time, be sure that you are not lying or “stretching” the truth about the company. This breaks both legal and moral laws. So be honest!

To begin online affiliate marketing you will need some companies to be an affiliate for. This can be tricky, because you not only need to find a website that offers a high paying affiliate program, but it also has to have a product that has enough quality that you will be able to sell it. For your convince, I’ve created a list of the best online affiliate programs. All the programs on this list pay well, and have great products to sell.

Being an affiliate takes some patience, time, work, and some quality writing. But I know you can do it! Have fun earning money from the comfort of your own home!

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