How To Make Money Selling Ebooks

There’s no short answer for how to make money selling eBooks. Many methods work well, and which one you decide to use is completely based on your preference! Just make sure to write on a topic that you have knowledge on, and has at least a fairly high demand.

The first method is to use My ebook. I really like the futures this site offers, and they only charge a 10% commission rate of your sales (which is pretty cheap). One feature they offer is a wonderful eBook creator. Their creator turns your eBook into a digital copy, so that way other people can’t steal your work, which they normally can with regular PDF eBooks. They also offer a wide audience base, so that way you don’t have to start from scratch getting visitors to your site. This is probably the simplest way to start selling your eBook, because they really help you through the process of how to make money selling eBooks, so if you are willing to part with 10% of your profits then this is the method for you to use!

Another great method on how to make money selling eBooks is to sell eBooks that others have already made. I know this sounds illegal, but in many cases there are writers who have put eBooks online for everyone to use or to resell the eBooks for free! I recommend taking a look at for a free way of how to make money selling eBooks. They have lots of free eBooks you can sell, but they are by no means the only site that has free eBooks!

Once you’ve chosen some eBooks to resell for free, then you need to create a website to sell them on. This can be a blog page, but I recommend you make your own website instead. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just a simply sales page will do. Then you just have to work on building traffic to your site! The only downside to this method is that if you can get these eBooks for free, then so can everyone else, which means you no longer have a unique product. But it may be worth it for you to take this risk, so that you can sell eBooks without having to write one!

The next method is similar to the reselling process discussed above, but with one key difference. You write the eBook! You will still make a mini website to sell it on, but this time you will have the added bonus of your eBook being completely original, with nothing else quite like it on the whole internet! Obviously enough, the down side to this method is that you have to be the one to write the work.

Also, if you are going to write your own eBook, then why not sell it on eBay too! This is an extremely easy way to get some more sales for your eBook. Plus, you can afford to sell it very cheaply compared to traditional books because you don’t have any shipping fees!

Another useful resource for you to use is ClickBank. By using ClickBank you can have affiliates help sell your eBook. It costs $50 to put your website on ClickBank, but that’s only a onetime fee. Then you put how much you will pay affiliates to direct buyers to your site who purchase your eBook (you will probably pay them somewhere between 50-75 percent of your eBook’s sale price). This can be an amazing tool, because these affiliates will not only direct traffic to your site, but they will also pre-sell your eBook! You can send your sales through the roof by using ClickBank!

Now you know how to make money selling eBooks. Find the process of selling eBooks that works best for you, research the market your topic has, and then go for it!

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