How To Make Money Blogging

Millions of people already have a blog, but only a small percentage of those people know how to make money blogging. It’s really not that hard to do, and too many people are letting the money making potential of their blogs go untapped!

The first thing you need to do to start blogging for money is to make a blog! If you haven’t made one before, then I highly recommend this article Note: This is for those with no experience blogging, and once you get the hang of it I recommend you make your own website dedicated to your blog. Instead of being something like “” you would want just “”. But don’t rush into this if you have never blogged before.

Once you have your blog created, with at least some traffic coming to visit it regularly, you are ready to monetize your blog! The best ways I know of for how to make money blogging are to use AdSense, affiliate link, donations, paid subscriptions, banner ads , and writing paid reviews.

Here’s a breakdown of each one:

– AdSense is an ad program run by our good friend Google. It usually takes 6-8 weeks after applying to Google to get accepted into their program, but once you are accepted, it is well worth it! Google will scan your blog for what type of content you’ve written, and then it will determine what ads would fit best with your blog. After that you just decide where to put ads, and then every time a visitor clicks on one of your ads you will get paid. This is one of the best and easiest ways to start blogging for money!

– Affiliate links are a way for you to sell a product without having a product to sell yourself. You become a middle man for another company. For a much more in depth explanation on how to make money blogging with affiliate links, check out this article. -Donations are pretty self-explanatory. If you are giving genuinely helpful and/or interesting information on your blog, then many people would be willing to give a contribution to keep your blog going!

-Paid subscriptions to your blog are a tougher one to pull off, but very profitable if you do. You have to not only have great information, but you also have to continually making posts every month. Otherwise visitors will feel as though they are wasting their money, and go elsewhere.

-Banner ads are invaluable if you are banned from the AdSense program. Hopefully this won’t happen, but if you do then you need a “Plan B”. Many companies will pay you for you putting a banner ad for their website on your blog, and every time it’s clicked on, you will get paid!

-Paid reviews are a fun way to increase your revenue. Some websites will pay bloggers to write reviews about their product, so that way they get more advertising fort their merchandise.

Blogging is a very fun hobby, and doing it for free can be very satisfying. But now that you know how to make money blogging, why not spend a little extra time to turn that hobby into a valuable source of income?

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