Be The Beast – 3 Secrets to Build Influential Blogs

by Aqif Azizan

Blogs Will Change Your BusinessIf you have a company. Having a blog can help you to communicate directly to your customers.

When you reach your customers. Then you are one step ahead to make more profits.

But having a blog alone does not solve the problem. In this digital world, content does matter.

That is why influential blog wins the game. And that is why you need to put your focus in this post. Because it will answer your ultimate question that relates to,

“How do I build influential blog?”

Stop wondering. Because we are going to start revealing. About what it takes to make your blog better, starting today.

Secrets #1 – Brainstorm Your Headlines

Headline is the important part of your blog. Spend at least 60 minutes to brainstorm the best headlines that will attract your readers. It is not hard if you master the principles of writing powerful headlines.

Which is:

  • The first 3 words – When you write headlines, focus on your first 3 words. Attract your readers, or destroy them.
  • Understandable – Screw the scientific words. Get rid of all the jargons. Write a simple and understandable words.
  • Recycle – Use other people headlines.

Secrets #2 – Escape From Mediocre Design

Stop being stingy. Design is known as ‘blog investment’. Spend your money to have a great blog design. And great does not mean full of colors and complexity. There is 3 main thing to focus on your blog design:

  • Your blog logo.
  • Content structure.
  • Sidebar.

Secrets #3 – The Irresistible Offer

When you write a blog for business, then your goals is to make profits. When you want to make profits, it is important for you to have an irresistible offer for your potential customers.

How to make an offer that people can’t refuse? To be specific, within 3 seconds?

Your first option is to read a book that is written by Mark Joyner, called The Irresistible Offer. This book will explain to you, step-by-step, on how to write an offer that your customer will not refuse.

To make it simple, you will know how to trigger your customers mind, so that they will give you the money.

Not only that. They will trust you and tell their friends about your business blog.


The second option is to try-and-error. You can write thousands of offer and test it. You might win, you might lose. You can follow the principles that are already mentioned in secrets number 1 (writing killer headlines).

Be The Influencer – Dominate Your Market

Don’t build a blog just to have fun. It will become your biggest liability.

Have a blog. Build your audience. And finally, be the influencers. Gain your respects from your readers or customers.

The secrets revealed. It is yours now. Go do it. And get the results.

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