I’ve learned from a lot of people. Including one of the famous bloggers in the world, John Chow. I know some people hate him the way he make money online (he makes money online by telling people how to make money online).

Yet, he earned around 7 figure income every year.

But there are lots of valuable knowledge can be learned through him if you want to become successful blogger.

One of the popular questions related to blogging that are often asked by people,

“What should I write?”

5 Powerful tips from a full time 7 figure earner blogger.

It seems like a common question. But believe me, if you don’t know what topic you should write, you won’t be able to earn a full time living with blogs.

When John Chow are asked this questions, these are the answers:

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Aweber is one of the best email marketing service providers.

I said that because I’m using their services for years. They have great support and also great services.

Enough about their company.

Lets talk about their ads. To be specific, Aweber Facebook Ads.

Recently, I’ve noticed that Aweber runs two Facebook Ads campaign. I’ve screenshot both of it.

Aweber Facebook Ads Campaign 1

Screenshot 2015-02-10 17.03.30

Bad advertisement can cause bad luck for your business.

Even though they provide good services, having a bad copywriting on advertising campaign can make them lose money and customers. From my humble point of view, I saw this ads is too generic.

Most of the time, generic ads give low conversion.

Of course, I don’t know the company ultimate goal running this ads. At the same time, I want this ads to get better conversion and better ROI (Return of Investment).

In terms of their current conversion, I really don’t know.

When you click their Facebook Ads, you will directly go to their main page. Where they will provide some information and finally ask you to sign up for $1 trial.

How their ads can convert better.

Below are my ads suggestions including relevancy of the message. I will ask Aweber’s marketing team to check it out. This is 100% free ads alteration and experimentation.

I won’t claim or guarantee this new ads will convert better. But I hope it helps Aweber to get higher probability to increase their conversion, by writing a specific message to specific customer angle.

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I love affiliate marketing.

You don’t need your own product. You just sell other people product.

However, I’m not expert in this topic. Until today, I’ve learned from top affiliate marketers in the world.

Including the owner of Smart Passive Income.

5 Basic strategies to build 6 figure affiliate marketing business.

I’ve learned a lot from Pat Flynn. And these are 5 things he shared when it comes to building a 6 figure affiliate marketing business.

Some tips might sound simple. But it works.

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Let me tell you one thing about ebooks.

It is cheap to produce (close to free), and you can make lots of money.

Most important, you don’t have to rent a shop. Which you can do it 100% from your home.

Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Why you should start your own ebooks business?

This is what I’ve learned from an experienced Internet entrepreneur, Marc Ostrofsky, about why you must build your own ebooks business starting today.

1) Ebooks are easier than traditional books to produce. As an ebook author, you only create it once and sell it again and again.

2) You don’t have any printing or binding cost.

3) You don’t need to ship your ebook. You can send it online. Instantaneous.

4) The upfront costs are the same whether you sell the ebook to one person or to one million people.

5) Ebooks can be revised easily.

6) Today, majority of people prefer to read information online.

7) Less expensive to produce, but can make lots of money.

How to build your own ebook business today?

Marc Ostrofsky also teach people on how to build your ebook business and generate income as fast as possible.

If you are new in this business, start with an idea that related with you:

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Screw it.

I am the type of person who really reluctant to follow mediocre type of life.

Like Robert Kiyosaki stated in most of his books,

“Get good great. Get good job. Retire and live happily ever after.”

Which is a total myth.

What is your scene?

I’ve learned this from James Altucher. He share the importance of creating our own scene in our life, and don’t let others create it for us.

But, what is a scene anyway?

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