Learning from other people success stories can be fund.

One important thing: You will understand better on how they started. Which you can duplicated it right away.

12 Step-by-step process from zero to $4,799 with ebook.

Here are 12 useful tips that I’ve learned from Pat Flynn’s interview with Lindsay from Writing for Your Wealth blogs:

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If you are still new in the market, how do you sell your ebooks?

I’m with you. In fact, I’ve gone through the exact same experience.

I started with zero acknowledge from the market. Nobody knew me. But I worked hard to became known in the market.

Which helps me to sell lots of ebooks today.

So how do you build your credibility and gain huge respects and followers in the market?

How to do marketing before selling your ebooks.

Brendon Burchard helps me a lot in terms of understanding how to do proper marketing before you sell your ebooks.

Let me list out some of the things I’ve learned from him. So that you can practice the strategy right away.

  1. Identify and list out at least 5 big players.
  2. Create cooperation, not competition.
  3. Do content outreach to build your followers.

1) Identify and list out at least 5 big players.

Your mission before you start building your credibility should include knowing of all the big players on your topic in the industry.

This is important. Extremely important.

Do your research.

Ask these questions to yourself:

“Who has written a book on this topic?”

“Who is doing seminars?”

“Who talks about this topic on their blogs?”

Create a spreadsheet that includes those big players contact details such as:

  1. Names.
  2. Email addresses.
  3. Mail addresses.
  4. Websites.

It is easy to find these informations. You may ask why?

As Brendon Burchard said — Because these big players want to be found, interviewed and contacted for opportunities.

2) Create cooperation, not competition.

Don’t look at the big players as your enemy.

Instead, look them as your future cooperation and alliance that will help to lift up your business.

There are few activities you can do:

  1. Subscribe to their email newsletter.
  2. Understand what kind of content they are giving to their audiences.
  3. Find a loop hole or a content gap that you can fill in to help those big players add more value to their audience.

3) Do content outreach to build your followers.

This is referring to point number two.

When you find a content gap, this is the time for you to take the advantage and cooperate with the big players.

By that, I really mean that you must provide a high value of content. (Don’t write craps, you only have one chance).

Brendon Burchard has a script to approach those big names. I’ve altered it to make it easy for you.

Here you go. Use this template when you are sending emails to those big players.

Email subject line: (Name), can I promote your work?

Email content: Hi (Name),

I’m writing to thank you for all you do to help people and to ask if I could promote your message and business to my circle of influence.

I’m sure you are always looking for more people to help get your message out there.

I know I am, so I’m writing to see if it would be okay if I zapped an email to my friends, family and fans about your work.

Is there anything specific you are doing now that you are trying to promote?

I’m a big fan of your (insert relevant thing here: eg; their content that you really love).

Thanks again for all you do. Please let me know what you would like me to tell my audience about and how I can help you.

Eagerly waiting for your response,

(Your name).


Let say now you have your ebook done.

(And your ebook content is very good too)

But how you get your first sales?

I believe you already now this word: MARKETING.

But, how you can do a proper and proven marketing strategy… So your ebooks will sold out like crazy?

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Guerilla Marketing for ebooks

When you want to sell your ebooks, invest more time in creating great headline.

Headline is your first impression. Every successful ebooks entrepreneur knows very well that if you have 24 hours to create marketing weapon, you should spend 9/10 on creating headline.

Jay Conrad Levinson (Who invented guerilla marketing) has 10 simple and direct to the point tips about headline.

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How to write profitable ebooks

Thank you for having a great patience to wait for this continuation from the last post.

Without further ado, let’s get started right away. Your precious time shall not be put to waste.

There are 4 categories that can drive a good idea of an ebook (refer to the last post).

As promised, this article will break these 4 categories for more thorough understanding.

The objective is to assist the very best in you in making the best ebook for your customer to indulge (and make them love it and love you even more).

Hector Cuevas (InboundPro) hence explains, these 4 type can be break into various kinds:

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